Techwin System Co. Ltd. is a leading company based on the technique of the control field. They are developing a new technique through research on environment monitoring, plant control, and station monitoring and controlling.

Techwin System focuses on the development of the various techniques such as DCS (Distributed Control System) and SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition), RMS, NMS, TMN.

As a result, they developed RCU (Remote Control Unit) and an FEP (Front End Processor) that has a built-in LAN.  They are developing various systems relating to the base station at the IMT-2000 market based on above technique. And, they are changing existing control systems to the universal and small systems, developing remote monitoring system using CDMA wireless communication. They will concentrate on the development of the NMS (Network Management System) through network relating software and will provide a leading control and communication system and solutions as they accumulate knowledge on communications.

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