Kordia is an experienced trans-Tasman business that powers some of the most significant communications technologies in our part of the world.

Their team consists of over 1,000 talented people who build, manage and maintain telecommunications, broadcast and infrastructure in New Zealand, Australia, South-East Asia and the Pacific.

Kordia’s shareholder is the NZ government and we’ve been around for over 60 years.

They  have successfully made the transition from Broadcast to Broadband and now delivers telecommunications services to some of New Zealand’s most significant businesses.

Kordia is often at the leading edge of introducing new communications technologies to customers. Their purpose is to enable customers to succeed by providing communication technology solutions that are right for them.

Their heritage is in broadcast. When you watch TV or listen to the radio in New Zealand, it is likely that the programme is carried to you over Kordia’s broadcast analogue or digital network.

They have the proven ability to deliver quality solutions on any scale. Every day they consistently deliver multiple nation (and ocean) over-stating multiple nation-wide networks, to perfection.

For more information, visit http://kordia.co.nz.