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As the host sponsor of SubOptic 2019, Ciena will share how our industry-leading innovations are creating smarter, more agile, and more responsive submarine networks leveraging the most open, secure, and scalable architecture in the industry.

Engage in thought-provoking discussions with our business and technology experts, and discover how you can:

  • Scale your submarine network, simplify service deployment, and reduce costs with industry-leading GeoMesh Extreme submarine network solutions 
  • Efficiently transport 500G across transatlantic and transpacific distances with new WaveLogic 5 Extreme coherent optic technology
  • Move to the Adaptive Network, overland and undersea, with Blue Planet® intelligent automation, analytics, and programmable GeoMesh Extreme network infrastructure

Meet with us and learn how to master complexity to make your network more intelligent and future-ready.

And don’t miss us on the agenda. Highlights of our presentations include:

Monday, April 8
Speaker Session Title Time
Priyanth Mehta, Hardware Engineer SubOptic Association Working Group on Open Cables
Brian Lavellée, Sr. Director, Portfolio Solutions Masterclass on Open Submarine Networks
Tuesday, April 9
Speaker Session Title Time
Ian Clarke, Senior Consultant, Global Submarine Sales Welcome from the Host
Gary Smith, President & CEO Keynote Speaker
Moderated by Darwin Evans, Senior Advisor Submarine Product Line Management, and presented by Priyanth Mehta
High Capacity Optical Link Budgeting for Next Generation Modems 11.00-12.30
Moderated by Ed McCormack, Consultant
Panel Session—The Business of Submarine Cable Infrastructure, a CEO debate 13.30-15.00
Yves Delisle, Submarine Transmission Solution Engineering Maximizing the Benefits of Higher Delivered OSNR of Modern Wet Plant 16.45-18.30
Brian Lavellée Are You Ready for Submarine 400 Gbit/s Southern Cross—Proactive
Andree Robichaud-Veronneau, Data Scientist Maintenance in a Submarine Network using Analytics 16.45-18.30
Wednesday, April 10
Speaker Session Title Time
Priyanth Mehta Google – The Subsea Fiber as a Shannon Channel 14.00-15.30
Priyanth Mehta Validating Emerging Transmission Technologies on Submarine Cable Systems 14.00-15.30
Mark Hinds, Advisor: Optical Systems and Submarine Applications Virtualizing the Submarine network: Requirements, Architectures, and Use Cases 14.00-15.30
Thursday, April 11
Speaker Session Title Time
Andrew Kam, Hardware Engineers Pre-emphasis Based Equalization Strategy to Maximize Cable Performance 9.00-10:30
Yves Delisle Support of Higher Baud Rate and Line Rate Over a Legacy Submarine Cable System: A Case Study 10.45-12.15

Event Location
New Orleans Marriott
555 Canal Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130