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WAN automation

Boosting network efficiency and agility.

WAN automation provides visibility of all available resources across multi-vendor network components, allowing operators to immediately assess the feasibility of delivering a new service over the network using resources that already exist.

This deep visibility into the network is the foundation for tools and processes that automate service provisioning and turn-up in multi-vendor and multi-domain environments, and dramatically speed up time to market and revenues.

Delivering high-bandwidth, revenue-generating services in minutes, not months

Read this blog from Frank Miller, CTO EMEA at Ciena, as he explains how operators can orchestrate and automate service provisioning and turn-up to boost efficiency, and speed up time to market and revenues from months to minutes.

Tier 1 Network Operator Reduces Time to Market for New High-speed Services from Weeks to Minutes


For this tier 1 network operator, slow, multi-departmental service provisioning processes took up to two months. Why?

  • It was difficult to gauge where available capacity exists in the network
  • Multiple teams and vendors needed to be consulted before new services could be provisioned
  • High costs and large amounts of time were spent on manual processes, including ordering, feasibility appraisals for new services, configuration steps, and resource provisioning across several different network layers and domains


Ciena’s WAN automation enables super-fast service provisioning, enhanced capacity planning, and bandwidth on demand.

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