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Evolve your metro network

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Customers are evolving. It’s time to evolve your network to align to changing customer needs.
What does the network of the future really look like? It’s time to find out…

Future-proof networking is a common term in the industry, but what does it really mean?

Let’s face it. Legacy network designs are inefficient and inflexible. This makes launching new services and cost optimization more difficult—so it’s tougher to meet growing customer demands.

The network of the future will help overcome the entire gamut of legacy network challenges. The question is—what exactly does a future-ready network look like?

Introducing Ciena’s Adaptive IP

The traditional way of building IP networks is unsustainable. We understand the new IP network must be open, programmable, disaggregated, and virtualized in a way that allows resources to be reconfigured rapidly, without physical intervention.

Ciena has introduced Adaptive IP, an innovative solution that offers the essential IP capabilities required to support new applications, while allowing network operators to benefit from cloud-like scale, disaggregated functionality, and automated intelligence.


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Cost-efficient scale to the edge

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Intelligent Automation

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What is the Adaptive Network?

The Adaptive Network is a new approach that expands on autonomous networking concepts to transform the static network into a dynamic, programmable environment driven by analytics and intelligence.

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