Next-generation network solutions, such as Ciena 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, ensure operators meet the fast-growing requirements of their customers while maintaining profitability. However, in order to maximize the return on network investment, an operator’s personnel must have deep knowledge of emerging optical network technologies and Ethernet technologies. This will ensure the best network performance and efficiency.

To help your company achieve even greater success and train your personnel, ADV Consulting and Ciena opened the ADV Learning Lab in Moscow. ADV Consulting experts conduct trainings on new network technologies and solutions, including the latest solutions for managing Ciena packet optical transport equipment and networks. The training programs are designed to train engineers, network designers, installation personnel and maintenance engineers to support next-generation converged networks.


The ADV Learning Lab conducts training courses in Moscow based on the Ciena Learning program, where the principles of practical application of new network technologies are examined using real equipment.

All registered students are granted access to a variety of demonstration equipment, including Ciena’s new optical equipment. Practical experience allows students to quickly develop new skills so that they can confidently work with new technologies in real conditions.

After successful completion of the Ciena Learning training courses, students receive a certificate. You can be sure that your specialists will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively create, manage and support next-generation network infrastructure.


Previously, training at this level was only available in some Ciena offices in the US and the UK. Now, the ADV Learning Lab makes these advanced training courses on emerging network technologies available in Russia.


  • Time-saving and cost-effectiveness 
    The Moscow training center can help you reduce costs and time necessary to train engineers without the need to visit Ciena training centers in other countries. 

  • The training language is Russian 
    All courses are conducted in Russian so that your specialists can fully concentrate on learning without being distracted by interpretation. 

  • Opportunities for engineers
    Training participants learn new skills that will enable them to better realize their potential at work and gain new career opportunities.

The new training center offers opportunities for the development of Russian service providers and enterprises that are considering the possibility of using converged packet optical technologies. Local specialists gain access to the latest training programs aimed at the deployment and support of networks for the development of business-critical communication services, such as Ethernet, cloud computing and mobile data transfer.

- Denis Bondarenko, General Director of the ADV Training Center