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State, Local Government, and Education

Building better networks for state, regional, and local governments.

‘Smart’ communities. Connected government. 24x7 citizen services from multiple devices. The state/provincial/local government sector is undergoing a digital transformation. From enhancing the citizen experience to stimulating economic development, reducing pollution, and improving water and energy efficiency. Building better state and local government networks is imperative to meet constituent expectations and to deliver emerging applications, while ensuring the security of citizen data.

Municipal, provincial, and state-owned networks serve as the backbone for economic development and growth. Smart cities are evolving through the use of information and communications technology to enhance livability, workability, and sustainability. And while transportation and public safety depend on the network to improve all operational aspects, K-12/primary and secondary education relies on high-speed networks to enable a rich digital and video learning environment.

The Big 3

No. 1

Stimulate commerce and competitiveness by building public broadband infrastructure that connects the underserved, attracts businesses, and creates jobs

No. 2

Increase network capacity while reducing cost and complexity through consolidation, virtualization, cloud computing, and energy conservation

No. 3

Improve government agility and transparency through cost-effective network consolidation, cloud solutions, and secure APNs

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What’s next

As a trusted and proven partner to local, state, and regional governments, we tailor our constituent networking solution to your objectives and provide you with the expertise required to build modern networks. Ciena can help governments employ a growth strategy that leverages inter-departmental communication, citizen involvement, and technology streamline operations.

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Industry insights

Economic conditions have changed the operating landscape for government and educational organizations. Many segments of the population do not have broadband access, particularly in rural areas; urban areas are experiencing explosive growth coupled with economic competition to attract business, investment, and talent. Both segments are placing significant strains on inadequate municipal infrastructure.

Internal government operations are also feeling the strain of network demands. K-12/primary and secondary learning environments rely on the network to support personalized learning, online testing, and digital textbooks. Transportation departments require real-time traffic monitoring and remote operational control. And interoperability challenges between public safety jurisdictions hinders the collaboration required to address the increase in cross-jurisdictional terrorist attacks, natural disasters, organized criminal gangs, and cyber attacks.

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Ciena Insights

Networking technology offers an opportunity to provide better service with lower taxpayer cost. Scalability, reliability, performance, and data assurance are essential for mission success. Municipalities need to ensure ubiquitous broadband as the critical foundation of any smart city initiative, communicating real-time data captured by sensors and devices to all the operational stakeholders that need to make split-second decisions.

Ciena helps public sector organizations modernize and unlock the value of the network through an engagement model focused on understanding mission goals, solution alternatives, and risk assessment. We provide programmable, converged multiservice network infrastructure that enables cost-effective scale while simplifying operational support. Our software solutions include vendor-agnostic SDN for multi-domain service orchestration, and NFV for enabling service delivery in minutes, not months.

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