Ciena has joined the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) initiative. In addition, Ciena’s SAOS 10.x disaggregated software solution has been awarded TIP´s “Requirements Compliant Ribbon” and will be listed on TIP Exchange.

The TIP DCSG subgroup is defining, testing, and validating new open and disaggregated whitebox cell site gateway devices that operators can deploy in their current 2G/3G/4G sites, as well as in the upcoming 5G deployments, aimed at improving and optimizing the way base stations typically connect to the transport network.

The DCSG subgroup has defined software, hardware, and API requirements that address the needs of mobile network operators and continuously works with technology vendors like Ciena to develop the products and solutions that meet these requirements. Thanks to those products and solutions going through TIP’s Test and Validation framework resulting in TIP Exchange listings, operators have a reliable reference for compliance when inviting suppliers to upcoming RFIs.

TIP DCSG Diagram

Image courtesy of Telecom Infra Project's DCSG at a Glance

“The DCSG market is benefiting from the expanding ecosystem of companies offering software and hardware products, as well as those providing integration services,” said Shin Umeda, Vice President of Router Research at Dell’Oro Group. “The momentum behind DCSG adoption is reflected in our recent market forecast report in which we are predicting compounded growth of more than 30 percent over the next five years.”

“It is encouraging to see vendors like Ciena going through the TIP’s test and validation process for DCSG to demonstrate solution compliancy” said Eva Rossi, DCSG co-lead and Head of Transport Products at Vodafone. “The award of ribbons, and subsequent listing in TIP Exchange, facilitate the work of operators when assessing the availability of solutions in the market. Ciena’s move demonstrates that the DCSG initiative is gaining traction.”

“Openness is a key principle in Telefonica that we apply to all segments of our network. We welcome Ciena’s valuable expertise to the DCSG initiative, that reinforces TIP compliant open product and solutions network ecosystem,” said Jesús Folgueira, Head of Transport & IP Networks at Telefonica CTIO. “We encourage more players from across the telco ecosystem to join the DCSG subgroup and contribute to the technology and product innovation that are already being delivered through TIP’s test and validation framework.”

“The TIP DCSG initiative aligns well with our strategy and solution set for disaggregation,” said Joe Marsella, Vice President of Product Line Management, Routing and Switching Portfolio, Ciena. “Our SAOS 10.x network operating system was designed from the start to be a full disaggregated OS capable of running across a wide range of different hosts while our hardware platforms have always been engineered around a solid merchant silicon base.”

TIP DCSG video preview