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More than you imagine possible

Scale your network capacity with speed and intelligence

There is an explosion in network demand, driven by ultra-mobile users who want the ability to access the cloud and consume high-definition content, video, and applications when and where they choose.

Operators need a network which is scalable cost efficient and reliable as this demand will only be exacerbated by the adoption of IoT and 5G. We at Ciena are committed to supporting BT’s vision to be “the number one network” to successfully address these ever-increasing customer demands.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation of your business starts with Blue Planet

Service orchestration and analytics: Moving from legacy systems to a digitally transformed network

VNF lifecycle management with Blue Planet NFVO

Driving digital transformation for service providers

Build your automation strategy on a solid inventory foundation

With nearly 25 years of industry leadership, we support more than 1,300 of the world’s largest, most complex networks.  In addition, our teams provide consultative Go-To-Market support to our Managed Service Provider customers, helping enable sales teams and develop joint demand generation programs.  This partnership approach helps ensure our mutual success.

Meet the team

Steve Black

Steve Black White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Senior Systems Engineer, Hometown: Wallasey, Merseyside, Hobbies: Family time, Golf, Football, Skiing, Running, Cycling, Caravan/Camping, A great weekend is... 18 Holes Early, Bike Ride with the Kids, Pub lunch, Liverpool FC winning the Champions League ( ok this is a specific weekend 26/5/18 to be exact !) A nice glass of wine. Or I could go skiing any day of the week. No time for sleeping.

Ian Rathmell

Ian Rathmell White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Account Director, Hometown: Knottingley, West Yorkshire, Hobbies: Bird Watching, Playing Board Games, A great weekend is... a lay in (pre kids that meant until 10am, post kids anything after 7am is good), walk the dog, dinner with friends. Oh and a snooze in there somewhere.

Laura Martin Domenech

Laura Martin Domenech White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Account Director, Hometown: Sabadell, Barcelona, Hobbies: Reading, running, spending time with friends. A great weekend is... a long run in the morning, a good meal, a siesta in my sofa, meeting friends or just stay home reading or watching a film.

Jon Romano

Jon Romano White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Systems Engineering Manager, Hometown: Caterham, Surrey, Hobbies: Arsenal Football Club, trading the markets, bedroom deejaying, reading comic books (still).A great weekend is...Arsenal winning, the AV system at church holding up and time with the family.

Darren Rooney

Darren Rooney White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Operations Director, Hometown: Ardglass, Co.Down, Hobbies: Golf, taxi service for my kids, going for walks around the Co.Down coast., A great weekend is... watching my son play for Glentoran FC, taking my daughter horse riding and a family dinner out.

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Senior Systems Engineer, Hometown: Harrow, Middlesex, Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Swim Dad which means: Swimming Official, Vocal Supporter, Financial Investor, Equipment Manager, Travel Coordinator & Chauffeur. A great weekend is... watching my son Swim, long walks with the dog and a nice Roast Dinner with the family to finish it off.

Alfonso Malaga

Alfonso Malaga White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Senior Systems Engineer, Hometown: Lima, Peru, Hobbies: All things music – going to concerts, playing the guitar/uke, learning the keyboard; and travelling every chance I get, A great weekend is... breakfast with pancakes, a sunny day strolling in Hampstead and having a glass of wine with friends.

Amanda Murray

Amanda Murray White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: CSM for BT Technology, Hometown: Carlisle, Cumbria, Hobbies: Running, reading, going to gigs, finding new challenges, A great weekend is... being with Family & friends, either a chilled run, good food and relaxing at home with my dogs or non-stop weekend taking part in a running related challenge with good friends, making the most of every minute.

John Coyle

John Coyle White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Leads the BT account for Ciena, Hometown: Recently moved to Castewellan Co. Down after living in Crouch End in London & Wanborough in Wiltshire for 19 years. Hobbies: Football, Mountain Biking but mostly now running after my 4 kids. A great weekend is... watching my daughter play football, walking along the beach in Newcastle and going for a nice meal with my family.

Kenny Muir

Kenny Muir White email icon

Role at Ciena: Responsible for new business development across the BT account, Hometown: Motherwell, Scotland, but I’ve been living in Wiltshire since 1998, Hobbies:  Coaching football, playing guitar, putting some ‘fun’ miles on my cars, A great weekend is… relaxing at home with the family, walking our Labradors, and reading/learning something new.

Frappola Felicio

Frappola Felicio White email icon

Role at Ciena: CSM, Customer Operations, Hometown: Napoli, Italy. I moved to the UK a long time ago and now live in Whitehill, Hampshire, Hobbies: Golf, swimming, keeping fit, and cooking, A great weekend is... nice, sunny, hot weather, along with good food, family, and friends. When my grandson is visiting, I spend time answering his questions—he has lots, mostly about what he can eat!

Salma Drummond

Salma Drummond White email icon

Role at Ciena: Supporting customers and partners as they build and monetize their networks, Hometown: Cambridgeshire or Cornwall—depending on the weather!, Hobbies: Coastal or countryside walks, running, gardening, reading, and cooking, A great weekend is... a coastal walk in Cornwall, meeting up with family and friends, good eating, a good book, and the occasional nap!

Ricardo Carrera

Ricardo Carrera White email icon

Role at Ciena: Programme director for all deployment programmes in the BT Group, Hometown: Born and raised in Mexico City. Moved to UK and lived in the countryside for over 20 years. Spent a couple of years in Spain, but missed UK so we moved back, Hobbies: Spending time with my family and our Labrador doing various activities, including countryside walks, camping, city sightseeing, playing table games—you name it, A great weekend is... having a laugh with friends and family and enjoying a good British-Mexican-Spanish BBQ in the garden, regardless of the weather.

Nellie Zachari

Nellie Zachari White email icon

Role at Ciena: Senior marketing manager for BT and Openreach, Hometown: Athens, Greece. Moved to central London a few years ago—absolutely enjoying the best of both worlds, Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, all things outdoors, and spending time with my amazing nieces and nephews, A great weekend is... hitting the beach or a ski slope and finishing off the day with good wine, dear friends, and great laughs.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones White email icon

Role at Ciena: Senior systems engineer responsible for UK DCI and BT’s non-UK networks, Hometown: Born and raised in Wolverhampton—now living in Welwyn, Hertfordshire, Hobbies: Anything with an engine and four wheels. (Really must add two wheels to that at some point.) Golf. Music, A great weekend is... attacking some mountain roads and a few cold beers with good friends.

Kenny Vance

Kenny Vance White email icon

Job Role at Ciena: Customer Service Manager for Openreach, Hometown: Lanarkshire, Scotland, Hobbies: Golf, Football, Cycling and Travel, A great weekend is... a round in the morning, Ibrox in the afternoon, dinner with friends in the evening and a Sunday spent relaxing with the family (all pending prior approval from my 10 year old daughter of course!).

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