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than you can say:

Small box. Massive bandwidth.

Latency is not an option

Short haul? Long haul? Any haul? No problem.

My DCI is smarter than your DCI

I'm ahead of the demand curve

Operationally efficient. My CFO will love me!

Data across my DCI is secure

Power your competitive edge. Deliver content anywhere, on demand, instantly with next-level connectivity.


Your customers demand flexibility. Your Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) solution needs to deliver. That means enabling the smooth transit of critical assets over short, medium, and long distances between any one of your or your customers’ data centres.

Faster requires seamless integration with your existing infrastructure from a compact but mighty DCI solution that offers quick and easy installation—you shouldn’t need a PhD in photonic networking!


Designed with a modular architecture, Waveserver Ai offers both rack-and-stack simplicity and pay-as-you grow scalability. It supports three pluggable Waveserver modules. Fully equipped, Waveserver Ai provides unmatched density: 2.4 Tb/s of client Ethernet and 2.4 Tb/s of line capacity in a single rack unit, and dramatically increases fiber capacity to 30 Tb/s in flexible grid networks.

Our DCI solutions are designed to:

  • Power massive bandwidth
  • Enable seamless, simple integration
  • Provide agile service delivery
  • Minimize footprint and power
  • Drive cost-effectiveness as you scale

With the strong performance and programmability provided by Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent technology, operators can now maximize capacity at any distance, and upgrade connections to higher speeds. By extending the distance of higher bit-rate wavelengths, Waveserver Ai provides better economics and more fibre capacity for DCI networks.


Next-level DCI scale and density. Minimal power and space.

Are you playing in the DCI big league?

Leverage a solution ranked #1 in Global DCI and #1 in ICP DCI*. Waveserver is currently deployed with 70+ customers around the globe—and the number is growing. Our list of players includes three of the largest global ICPs. They trust Ciena to deliver a fast, reliable connection to seamlessly power their end-user experience.

Manage escalating network costs

Meet increasing data centre demands without breaking the budget. Waveserver Ai establishes new performance benchmarks that dramatically lower cost per bit as you scale—and ultra-low power consumption means reduced footprint and recurring power costs.

Access a cloud based application development environment

Up your application game with the Emulation Cloud™, an open application development environment. A DevOps one-stop-shop, Emulation Cloud is designed to help customers and third-party developers create, test, and fine-tune customized applications.

Overcome distance limitations

Your user experience needs to be the same no matter the location. Waveserver harnesses Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent technology for tremendous scalability and high performance to maximize capacity at any distance, from metro to long-haul..

Scale on your terms

Quickly react to rapid growth or changing traffic demands with pay-as-you grow flexibility and economics. A single Waveserver Ai provides scalability from an initial capacity of 100 Gb/s up to 2.4 Tb/s, allowing data centre managers to meet current and future traffic growth needs without network disruptions.

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* Dell’Oro Group, 3Q 2017 Market Share


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