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Network Assurance

Resolve potential network issues before they impact your customers

Ensuring network service reliability can help you acquire new customers and additional sources of revenue by retaining customer trust and loyalty. But today's reactive methods of fixing network issues can lead to poor Quality of Service (QoS) experiences or service disruptions, and even breaches in Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that may incur significant penalty costs.

Blue Planet provides network assurance solutions that use advanced analytics and machine learning innovations to help you quickly identify areas of risk in the network and move toward proactive resolution to prevent outages. As a result, you can keep your customers' networks-and their businesses-running smoothly.


Blue Planet Vender X Analysis 2


  • Vendor-agnostic, multisource data analytics leveraging advanced framework for data collection, normalization, and processing
  • Choice of machine learning models for predictive analytics that intelligently assess risk of network equipment issues
  • Network assurance automation when combined with policy and actionable systems like Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration
  • Based on the Blue Planet micro-services architecture for scale and extensibility
  • Ready-to-deploy network assurance solutions available, including for solutions for Ciena 6500 networks managed by OneControl and Ciena Z-Series networks

We understand that it takes expertise from multiple fields-including data science, software engineering, storage, network operations, and systems integration-to successfully implement analytics to solve a business or operational challenge. Whether you need this expertise now or in the future as you expand network analytics beyond the network assurance domain, Blue Planet provides a robust ecosystem and framework for fostering close collaboration among experts and cross-functional teams.

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