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Digital Transformation is a journey. Ciena is your partner.

As the communications industry barrels towards widespread adoption of major new technologies like AI, 5G, IoT, and cloud everywhere, service providers globally are presented with both a great opportunity and an immense challenge. To survive and thrive, providers need to adapt to unforeseen growth and emerging use cases that are radically changing how organisations connect to partners, data centres and end users.

Digital Transformation is key to adapting to ever-changing market conditions, technologies and customer demands. Transformation allows providers to break free from the manual, legacy business processes that inhibit their ability to innovate.

While digital transformation is the end goal, achieving it requires radical changes to the way providers currently operate. In particular, intelligent, software-based network automation and ‘Intent Based Networking’ is the key to overcoming legacy technology and process challenges, and accelerating the journey to the self-governing, self-healing networks of the future.

We can help.

Ciena's Adaptive Network enables critical new capabilities in your digital transformation journey. Our programmable infrastructure and intelligent network automation software can help you transform your network faster and achieve your strategic goals, providing scalability on demand to deliver new services and use cases, and maximising operating efficiency to protect margins and grow revenues.

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Control and Automation

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Network & IT – now a Powerhouse combination
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Aligning Blue Planet with the future of automation
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Breaking down barriers between IT and network – your path to digital transformation
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