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OTN Speedwagon

Not your average garage band.

Ciena’s got its own rock band: OTN Speedwagon. And this ain’t your average garage band. These guys can play any style of music with ease. If it weren’t for their day jobs, they’d probably be touring the world. Whether they’re packing the dance floor at employee, partner, or customer events, you can count on hours of fun and… only a mild case of tinnitus.

What do the 10 members of OTN Speedwagon have in common? Disparate backgrounds, careers in telecommunications, a love of music, and a ton of talent. Apparently that’s a perfect recipe for rockin’ success: In 2013 they won the 2013 FORTUNE Battle of the Corporate Bands, held at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Hand-picked from three countries, Ciena's resident rockers all serve different roles within the company. Want to know more about these medaled musicians and the history of OTN Speedwagon? Check out the bios, videos, and photos below, or go behind the scenes.

Meet the Band

amanda barkham 860x451

Amanda Barkham

Executive Administrative Assistant
London, England

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paul bullock 860x451

Paul Bullock

CTO, AT&T Account
Dallas, U.S.
Lead guitar

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bill carr 860x451

Bill Carr

Sales System Engineer
St. Louis, U.S.
Vocals, bass

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jim delaney 860x451

Jim Delaney

Senior Manager, NA Software Sales Engineering
New York, U.S.

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katie felts 860x451

Katie Felts

Sales Consultant
Atlanta, U.S.

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chuck kaplan 860x451

Chuck Kaplan

VP Business Development, Blue Planet
Atlanta, U.S.
Guitar, vocals

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wil mclean 860x451

Wil McLean

Director, Content
Baltimore, U.S.

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rick shiflett 860x451

Rick Shiflett

Sales Systems Engineer
Dallas, U.S.
Drums, vocals

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francois tessier 860x451

Francois Tessier

Leader, Materials Management
Ottawa, Canada

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Cynthia Tsai playing the drums

Cynthia Tong

Sales Systems Engineer, Content
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Drums, Percussion

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