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Training and development

We invest in our employees to help them grow in their careers—now and in the future.

In turn, our training and development activities support our business by fostering a supportive work environment that drives organizational growth. Within the learning and development field, it is common practice to adopt the ‘on the job,’ ‘mentoring,’ and ‘formal training’ (70/20/10 percentage model) for employee development.

We use Pulse Survey responses to measure how employees view development of skills and professional growth. In 2018, the Pulse Survey outcome scores were:

  • “My job enables me to learn and develop new skills” – 7.8 against a benchmark of 7.5
  • “I feel that I’m growing professionally” – 7.4 against a benchmark of 7.3

In 2019, the above questions were combined to read “Your job enables you to learn new skills and grow as a person” and the new score was 8.2.

Our investments focus on:

  • Supporting new hires and internal transfers through learning curriculums related to their roles
  • Fostering a culture of development
  • Ensuring all managers consistently deliver on their people-management responsibilities
  • Facilitating conversations between managers and individuals to enable our employees to develop personally and professionally
  • Building a healthy environment for internal mobility
  • Understanding and articulating future and desired skills to all individuals
  • Providing opportunities for on-the-job learning and stretch-project assignments in various functional areas of the business
  • Delivering details on change through confident and capable leadership
  • Reimbursing tuition

We offer numerous programs that help employees—from entry level to senior leadership—to strengthen their current capabilities and gain skills for future roles. Our programs range from formal to informal learning, including virtual and instructor-led courses, peer-to-peer learning, e-learning, micro-learning nudges, coaching, mentoring, and ongoing self-development courses. We leverage our technological expertise to digitize the learning experience and let employees learn at their own pace. Hundreds of online programs allow employees to learn anywhere, anytime.

Mentor Circles

We invest in peer-to-peer learning to strengthen our inclusive culture and increase employee satisfaction and retention. Our Mentor Circles convene five to eight employees to expand their knowledge and collaboratively foster development. The purpose is to help employees:

  • Develop their careers
  • Grow as leaders
  • Build competence and character to reach personal and professional goals
  • Accelerate the development of their capabilities
  • Create an environment of greater engagement
  • Gain exposure to cross-functional and cross-geographical business issues

Workday Learning

We have invested in our training infrastructure and adopted a new learning management system, which allows us to advance development goals. Through our Workday Learning program, we offer more than 1,300 technical courses and 100 e-learning programs, including:

  • Products & Technology
  • Personal Professional Development
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Corporate Functions & Processes
  • Compliance & Integrity
  • Sales Enablement & Methodologies
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