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Our people

Approximately 7,000 strong across 35+ countries, our employee base is the key to our success.

Through our People Promise, we strive to create an environment where everyone can continue to develop and grow in their careers. Our workforce strategy is focused on attracting, developing, and engaging a highly qualified and diverse workforce that enables positive experiences for one another, our customers, and our partners.

Our People Promise outcomes are:

  • Making a difference: Fueling the common desire to make a meaningful contribution, and work for a company that’s impacting our world for the better. We operate at the leading edge of innovation and how we conduct our business - giving opportunities for people to get involved in different projects across all our functions. This promise is supported by Tree Nation, Ciena Cares and our commitment to sustainability.
  • Be empowered: Providing context, trust, opportunities, and resources, so that individuals have the chance to create their own outcomes. This promise is supported by Flexible Working, Learning & Development, Total Rewards, and Performance & Growth.
  • Feel included: Answering the critical need to feel recognized, valued, and accepted because of – not in spite of – our differences. This promise is supported by Inclusivity & Diversity.
people promise

Our success is rooted in people and together we will grow.

Total number of full-time and part-time employees globally, as of October 2020:
Location Total number Percentage
Asia Pacific 2,211 31.8%
Europe Middle East Africa 564 8.1%
Americas 4,186 60.1%
Total 6,961 100%


Age breakdown, as of October 2020:
Age Total number Percentage
30 and under 1,438 20.7%
31–50 3,666 52.7%
51 and over 1,857 26.7%
Total 6,961 100%


employee demographics

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