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Destination 5G

Only one path matters. Yours.

Eliminate vendor lock-in with converged 4G/5G xHaul transport and intelligent automation.

Ciena 5G Blog

When it comes to 5G,
the only path that
matters is yours

Blue Planet Blog

Automation: Take the
fastest lane on the path
to 5G


WaveLogic 5 Extreme

800G is here

We pushed boundaries. Now you can too.

The Adaptive Network

How do you adapt to ever-shifting network pressure?

The Adaptive Network Use Cases address real business challenges and demonstrate how to ensure your network is always ready to adapt.

Manage, Control and Plan

Supercharge your Ciena network

Domain control for greater efficiency, agility and automation

IP Delivered Differently

Automated, open, lean. Because you asked. 
Ciena’s Adaptive IP

Ciena Services

Accelerating your journey to the Adaptive Network

IHS Markit Optical Survey Results: Ciena Dominates Again



100GbE and 400GbE.
When you need it,
where you need it.


What’s possible with programmable 400G? Take our quiz to find out!

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