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Discover your personalized Learning Path

Your guide to professional success

Knowing what to learn and when you need to learn it to be productive and proficient in your role can be intimidating. Ciena’s new Learning Paths provide a step-by-step plan—designed for your specific role—that outlines the Ciena courses you need to take to master our platforms.

Goodbye guesswork. Hello fast and easy way to achieve personal and
business success.

Follow your Learning Path

When you drive in a new place, a GPS can help you understand the fastest route to where you want to go. Similarly, Ciena’s Learning Paths can advance you in your learning journey by suggesting the most efficient, tried, and tested way to advance your skills in a specific role.

Each Learning Path lays out a sequence of structured Ciena courses and details the order in which you should take them to gain knowledge
progressively, and progress.

You can take them in person*, or via a combination of online and virtual courses. Choose the approach that suits your budget and work schedule. Upon completion, each participant will earn a certificate and have the option to seek further accreditation.

* In-person Learning Path courses subject to regional and on-hand equipment availability.

Navigate your way to success

Whether you're just starting in your role or are an experienced professional, there are several benefits of Ciena’s Learning Paths. When you follow a Ciena Learning Path, you’re benefiting from expert instructors and course designers who have a laser focus on three things:

  • Business results
  • Performance requirements
  • The skills and knowledge necessary to perform

As an industry leader that supports some of the most complex networks in the world, Ciena has the experience you need for success.

Start now

There’s no better time to focus on you and your learning.

The 6500 PTS Learning Paths we have available today include:

  • Installation, Commissioning, and Provisioning
  • Troubleshooting, Administration, and Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Maintenance
  • First Line Maintenance Technicians
  • Network Planners

Choose the one that’s right for you and start going places!

Contact Us

To purchase a Learning Path or get more information, connect with your account manager. You can also email us at learning@ciena.com.

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