Lowest Latency Solutions

Michael Frankel explores Ciena's approach to lowering latency in the network.

Length: 3:22

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4200 Family

The 4200 Family optimizes WDM transport with integrated switching and services management while addressing performance and cost requirements for telecom infrastructure and enterprise services.

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Application Notes

Low-Latency, High-Performance Optical Networking Solutions

Financial services firms specializing in high-volume, high-frequency trading are looking to reduce network latency anywhere within the algorithmic-based trading work flow. In the past, efforts to reduce latency have been implemented with superfast computers, faster software and faster storage connections. Today, saving fractions of seconds by reducing data transport latency in network systems and fiber-based transport networks is receiving more attention. Ciena’s new low-latency, high-capacity fiber optic networking solutions address all of these demanding requirements.