High Speed
Data Converters

Bruce Beggs provides an overview of the importance of High Speed Data Converters.

Length: 3:38

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Coherent optical processing

Go beyond the limits of fiber optics with Ciena’s market-leading, field-proven coherent optical technology.

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6500 Family

Architected for network modernization, Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform converges comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities in one platform for cost-effective delivery of emerging and existing services, from the access edge to the backbone core.

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5400 Family

The 5400 Family offers the industry’s first fully modular and reconfigurable switching platform. It enables practical transition to a converged OTN and Ethernet-based, service-enabling intelligent infrastructure to achieve unmatched CAPEX and OPEX reduction, rapid service delivery, and high network availability.

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4200 Family

The 4200 Family optimizes WDM transport with integrated switching and services management while addressing performance and cost requirements for telecom infrastructure and enterprise services.

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Application Notes

Coherent Optical Processing for High-Capacity Networks

The paradox for today’s network providers is looming ever larger and faster: Increase available capacity for users, but do so at less cost. Equipment vendors have jumped into this issue wholeheartedly and are examining and offering a variety of techniques to solve this high-capacity bandwidth challenge. One solution in particular, pioneered by Ciena as the optimum approach and known as “coherent optical processing”, promises to help service providers solve their dilemma by allowing tremendous increases in capacity while keeping CAPEX and OPEX low.