Cloud Computing

From software testing and CRM to virtual machine migrations, mission-critical cloud applications are beginning to force both enterprises and service providers to build on-demand networks that are virtualized, incredibly scalable, and virtually latency-free.

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Data Center Without Walls

A Data Center Without Walls creates seamless, assured workflow movement and greater resource efficiencies across a multi-data center, hybrid cloud environment for cloud service providers and enterprise IT customers.

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In a Data Center Without Walls, the Cloud Backbone network maintains services at consistently high performance and reliability levels, delivering the right amount of assured network resources where and when they are needed.

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VMware, EMC VPLEX Orchestration

Ciena’s IT-WAN Orchestration Apps bring ready-to-go software integration support to customer environments featuring industry-leading technologies. See them in action in a Data Center Without Walls featuring VMware’s vCloud Architecture and EMC’s VPLEX.

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Catalyst Project

In a demonstration project shown at TMForum World 2011 in Dublin, Ciena worked with software vendors Zimory, Infonova, and Layer7 to produce a fully on-demand and dynamic cloud infrastructure complete with field-ready customer order-to-cash capabilities.

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Evolution to the Cloud

IT organizations are always looking to gain efficiencies and deliver greater application power to users. Our cloud solution can help. Ciena's Jim Morin describes Ciena’s cloud approach as a “data center without walls” with virtualized capacity that’s distance-independent and dynamically scalable. The end result? Secure, reliable, low-latency, high-throughput networks that change the way enterprises compete.

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In the Lab: Data Center Without Walls - Ciena and EMC

From Ciena's booth and mobile lab-on-wheels at EMC World 2012, Jim Morin and Ian Harris discuss the Data Center Without Walls concept.

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Enhance VPLEX virtual storage with high-performance networking

By transporting VPLEX information with higher performance, lower latency, and more resiliency, Ciena helps provide the continuous data availability that today’s businesses demand.

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Visualize a unified view of network and IT performance

With many key resources being deployed remotely, IT managers need to keep a close eye on their networks. Ciena's network and application performance monitoring tool provides a real-time view of network status for quick issue discovery and resolution.

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Improve VM mobility over distance with deterministic performance

VM migration performance depends on the quality of the network behind it. Ciena’s intelligent, deterministic networks allow for more efficient VM migrations, meeting workload demands with greater agility and improved economics.

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6500 Family

Architected for network modernization, Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform converges comprehensive Ethernet, TDM, and WDM capabilities in one platform for cost-effective delivery of emerging and existing services, from the access edge to the backbone core.

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4200 Family

The 4200 Family optimizes WDM transport with integrated switching and services management while addressing performance and cost requirements for telecom infrastructure and enterprise services.

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5100/5200 Advanced Services Platform

The 5100 and 5200 offer an open, scalable, high-availability (99.999 percent) architecture ideal for applications such as business continuity and disaster recovery, Ethernet transport, optical storage connectivity and fiber relief.

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Efficient Data Center Connectivity Over a Dynamic Intelligent Infrastructure

There are two types of connectivity in cloud computing: connectivity to the data center by the end-user, mainly over the Internet or VPNs; and between data centers, often over fixed SONET/SDH optical private lines, or “simple pipe.” This present mode of operation is inefficient and comes with high operating costs. This paper describes how an intelligent infrastructure can underlay the cloud for data center connectivity and bring this new operating model to a new level of performance, scalability, security, and operational efficiencies.

Developing a Strategic Approach to Data Center Networking

Data center networking presents many challenges in terms of supporting cost-effective, reliable, and high-performance services for business-critical applications. A coherent overall strategy for networking, leading to construction of a powerful and flexible network, creates more long-term value than a series of tactical, project-oriented steps.