Keith Dorking discusses Ciena's OAM&P software, which allows network operators to reduce costs and ease management tasks. The Ciena One Software Suite provides a complete range of applications to manage the entire network lifecycle from planning, building, deployment, and provisioning, to upgrades and maintenance.

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OneControl Unified Management System offers a unique and comprehensive solution to manage mission-critical networks that span across domains (access, metro, and core), with unprecedented visibility through protocol layers (WDM, OTN, packet services). With this innovative approach, OneControl returns network and services control to the operator.

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ON-Center Network and Services Management Suite offers practical solutions to critical issues facing network operators today. In addition to very simple element and network management capabilities, such as monitoring the performance and health of a network, ON-Center manages services from the perspective of your most important asset: your customer.

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The Intelligent Path to a Service-Enabling Infrastructure

The rise in bandwidth demand represents an era of major change in the ways residential and business services are used, sold, and supported on the network. To truly address the financial and technological imperatives of a network operator’s business, a more customizable and optimized approach to switching is required—one that provides a degree of hardware and software modularity and reconfigurability not found in today’s solutions. This new switching flexibility, made possible with a reconfigurable approach, will allow network operators to achieve a service-enabling switching infrastructure that can help drive top-line revenues, decrease costs, and ultimately differentiate offered services to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

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