G4S Technology (formerly Adesta) is a systems integrator that brings innovative, flexible, and cost-efficient thinking to the design, construction, and maintenance of stand-alone or integrated communication networks and electronic security systems. They have over 20 years of proven experience as an established large-scale systems integrator providing unified communications and security solutions. They excel by partnering with our commercial, industrial, and governmental clients as their single source of expertise.

A trusted partner to customers and suppliers around the world, G4S Technology takes great pride in delivering outstanding expertise and superior service. They work with clients to envision, design, build, and maintain systems that meet all their needs. Their senior management team is actively involved to foresee, identify, control, and avoid problems in today’s complex work environment. They empower their project teams to engage their expertise to find and execute the most cost- and performance-effective solutions. Regardless of the size, complexity, or location of a project, G4S Technology will craft solutions that meet customers’ project goals and budgets, and position them well for future success.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, G4S Technology was founded in 1988 as Kiewit Network Technologies by Peter Kiewit Sons', Inc. In 1992 the company became MFS Network Technologies, and changed its name to Adesta in 2002. Adesta was acquired by G4S at the close of 2009 and changed its name to G4S Technology in March 2011.

Today, G4S Technology is managed by executives from the telecommunications, construction, and security industries. They have deployed over two million fiber miles in more than 200 metropolitan and rural areas and completed over 1,500 complex electronic security systems in the United States, Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Middle East. The company is a leader in providing innovative turnkey solutions for advanced communication networks and security systems.

For more information, visit http://www.g4s.us/en-US/.