Equipment failure, fiber cuts, large-scale weather events, hackers, and plain old operator error can bring down a network carrying mission-critical data faster than you can say “disaster preparedness”.

No matter how far federal organizations have come in implementing Next Generation Networks-Priority Services (NGN-PS) to support emergency preparedness, the need to secure communications against a growing array of threats continues to intensify. It is more important than ever to control the multitude of threats against the infrastructure. In matters of security, the network matters—and it needs to provide assured services that are trusted, reliable, and secure.

In this webinar, Ciena's Jim Westdorp outlines a holistic approach to network security that includes:

  • Redundancies and protections across multiple layers
  • Robust control plane technologies  
  • State-of-the-art transport and encryption technology

If you want to create an assured network for the critical missions of today and tomorrow, watch this webinar replay.