Backhaul to the future

Ciena helps increase your profitability during the transition to LTE—simplifying mobile backhaul and core transport networks for reduced costs while delivering the scale and performance needed by your subscribers.

Mobile backhaul from Ciena.


Addressing bandwidth consumption and cell site growth

Mobile network operators are struggling to overcome capacity constraints caused by the rapid growth of mobile data traffic. Revenue growth is not following the same trajectory as bandwidth growth, resulting in higher costs and lower profits.

Our service provider solutions rejuvenate your mobile core and mobile backhaul infrastructures to support increasing traffic and a growing number of cell sites.

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Accelerating revenue growth in a competitive market

In the race to deliver more bandwidth and capture the LTE market, mobile network operators must offer greater network reach, more cloud-based mobile applications, and an improved user experience. Our service provider solutions help you introduce new services and improve the quality of experience to attract—and keep—customers.

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