Make Transformation Possible

Push the boundaries of research. Bring your colleagues exponentially closer—driving local and global collaboration through innovative, high-performance networking that advances your critical initiatives. With a fully agile and automated network, you’ll meet increasing capacity demands while reducing costs.

Ciena and the R&E community are pushing past terabit optical transport.


Cutting-edge networking capabilities

Institutions need to access and transfer bandwidth-intensive data and computing resources in real time, as well as support cluster processing, grid computing, and back office processes concurrently.

Our Collaborative Networking solution gives you reliable and agile support of bandwidth intensive applications.

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Cost-efficiency and platform convergence

As networks grow to meet increasing capacity demands and support emerging applications, institutions need to be more efficient—and building duplicate networks to handle this demand is too expensive and cumbersome. 

Our Private Optical Networks solution gives you reliable, agile, secure networks to meet increasing bandwidth demand cost-effectively.

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Reliable and rapid provisioning

R&E networks need to deliver enormous amounts of data for short time periods. Unlike most networks, connections are set up and torn down frequently.

Our Packet-Optical solutions enable rapid, easy and reliable provisioning of Ethernet connectivity.

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