Research and Education Networks Re-Imagined

Push the boundaries of discovery. Bring your colleagues exponentially closer—driving local and global collaboration through innovative, high-performance networking that advances your critical initiatives. With a fully agile and automated network, you’ll meet increasing capacity and service demands while reducing costs.

Learn how Ciena is partnering the R&E community to enable innovative research and education networking around the world.

Internet2's 8.8Tbps Network Using Ciena Gear

Empower Collaboration

Unlimited knowledge is now truly at our fingertips. Ciena solutions combine expertise and innovation to bring you closer to your colleagues across campus and around the world—transforming the speed and agility of global research collaboration and knowledge transfer.

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Utah Education Network Provides Bandwidth On Demand for Research

Creating Flexible, Dynamic Networks

Institutions need to access and transfer bandwidth-intensive data and computing resources in real time, as well as support distance learning, cluster processing, grid computing, and back office processes concurrently.

Our Agility SDN solution gives you reliable, on-demand network connectivity to enable dynamic response to bandwidth-intensive applications.

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Virtualize the data center

Data is the lifeblood of scientific discovery—but only if it can be easily transported between researchers and machines for analysis and utilization. Ciena’s Cloud Networking solution enables virtualization of data centers and automated orchestration of applications need to network performance.

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Exceeding 100 Gb/s in Research and Education Networks

Flatten. Simplify. Automate. Save.

Research and education networks require cost-effective scalability in a dynamic, open, and simplified network.

Our packet-optical network solutions converge networking layers to flatten and simplify the network while providing reliability, programmability, and security. Collaborate, innovate, and discover without boundaries.

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WHOI Furthers Ocean Research with High-Speed Campus Ethernet Network

Modernize Your Campus for What’s Next

Campus networks are buckling under growing bandwidth demands from students, faculty, and researchers. Ciena’s Ethernet and Layer 2 packet solutions enable a simplified campus architecture with increased security, improved performance, and the most cost-effective scalability to ensure your campus network can support anything students and researchers can throw at it.

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Transform Large-Scale Science Collaboration

The Challenge of Big Science Research Data Mobility

Campus networks support increasing large scientific research file exchange and high performance computing flows. Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform enables massive scalability to carry huge science data flows in a packet-optical converged platform that’s easy to deploy and manage.

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