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A network to reinforce an expanding business strategy

Electric Lightwave translates their enhanced network into new business


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Electric Lightwave had a vision for their future. Ciena helped them realize it

Teamwork is the standard mode of operation at Electric Lightwave. Dan Stoll, president of Electric Lightwave, and Steve Fisher, SVP and CTO, shared a vision to expand Electric Lightwave from a provider of metro-focused network services to a next-gen network builder and supplier of seamless cloud and data center connectivity services powering Internet and private cloud networks. As the largest regional fiber provider in the West, their goal was to drive new revenue by leveraging their uniquely diverse network and multi-layered customer service model to pursue content providers, data center, government, and larger enterprise customers.


A new level with Ciena

Combining network strategy, technology and personalized customer attention is something deeply familiar to Ciena. In close alignment with Dan and Steve, Ciena collaborated with the Electric Lightwave team to enhance their powerful, flexible fiber infrastructure with advanced technologies that enable the bandwidth-intensive and latency-sensitive applications their customers need. Ciena’s technology also powers Electric Lightwave’s Spectrum solution, offering a customizable private network solution delivering virtually unlimited bandwidth on demand without the costs or management obligations.

Ciena has really come through for us. We started down a path together that was primarily about the technology, but our relationship has evolved to where Ciena is a complete business partner with relationships across our entire organization. Dan Stoll, President, Electric Lightwave

Support across the entire business

As Electric Lightwave’s vision unfolded, the support they experienced from their Ciena team evolved—from an initial focus on infrastructure technology to a broader involvement looking at Electric Lightwave’s service needs. Ciena’s BizConnect team engaged with various parts of the Electric Lightwave organization—offering advice, expertise, and guidance as they prepared to go to market with the new services from their adaptive network architecture. With help from the Ciena team, Electric Lightwave was able to translate the enhanced network into new business—leveraging customized sales tools, marketing, and training. With that kind of business support, Electric Lightwave is able to focus on what it does best—rapidly delivering network solutions with a personal touch. And that’s something Ciena can relate to.

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