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Delivering Profitable DCI Services

Enterprises are now shifting even more of their IT spend from private cloud to hybrid and public cloud services. This transformation presents an opportunity for Managed Service Providers to deliver a data center interconnect service that aligns with ...

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Land Ho! Connecting Data Centers Under the Sea

In just a few years, much has changed in the transoceanic seascape. Private traffic from the major ICPs has surpassed traditional voice and Internet traffic, causing data center and submarine operators alike to rethink how they manage traffic flows.

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The Next Sea Change in Submarine Networks

The submarine networking industry has experienced several technology changes in recent years, most importantly the adoption of coherent detection.

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The value of open and rich APIs in the age of the Cloud

Do you need innovative applications that redefine your operational model? How about fast creation and delivery of new services to market? Accelerated DevOps and web-scale IT integration?

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New Metro Architectures driven by the Web-scale Effect

Networks are being re-architected to support new connectivity requirements driven by web-scale applications such as streaming video, cloud, and virtualized software-based services.

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Carrier Ethernet Essentials

Ethernet is a ubiquitous networking technology that has displaced almost all other legacy data transport. If you connect anything that uses data, you’re probably using Ethernet to do it.

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Featured Webinars

Carrier Ethernet Summer Camp 2015

Surf’s up! Join the Carrier Ethernet tidal wave. Join us for a surfin’ safari at Ciena Summer Camp. Attend all four webinars and receive a "summer fun" gift!

Length: 1:00:00

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Web-scale Webinar Series

Growth in cloud computing, network virtualization, and openness have created a new web-scale dynamic, sending ripples into the WAN and significantly changing the evolution of today’s network architectures.

Length: 1:00:00

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Optical Networking Lessons for a Web-scale World

Optical networks and the people who manage them are feeling the pressure of the web-scale IT trend. Ideas born inside the data center—including openness and virtualization—result in a ripple effect on the WAN.

Length: 36:20

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Accelerate your business with hassle-free NFV!

Enterprises that consume IT resources and business applications on demand need cost-effective network connectivity and advanced security and performance functions that get them to those cloud services.

Length: 45:00

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Right Here Right Now, Software Portfolio for an Information-Powered Network

The network has been an obstacle to speed and flexibility and it’s time for change. SDN offers a new way to construct and operate networks, opening up the opportunity for innovation and creativity.

Length: 57:45

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What happens to the metro network when streaming video goes exponential?

There is a fundamental shift in how content is being consumed by residential subscribers. Over the last three years, time spent watching online video has doubled .

Length: 1:00:00

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The best of the Metro Network meets the best of the Data Center

Connecting people to content—when they need it and where they want it—is placing unprecedented pressure on the metro network.

Length: 33:32

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Moving to the suburbs: New network services for data centers

Power- and space-hungry data centers are moving out of cities. Data center owners are finding that a move to the suburbs can not only reduce real estate costs, but significantly lower energy and operations costs.

Length: 59: 25

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